Dreams Of Booty is a small team of sex-crazed addicts with the sole focus of reviewing sex cams.

Every type of adult webcam service you can imagine, we’ve used it, reviewed it, and rated it so that guys like you don’t have to waste time and money on the wrong cams.

Over the years, we’ve acquired thousands of tokens which has allowed us to spend more time on each site with tons of cam girls, giving us an insight into the coming industry that most men never experience (unless they drop a ridiculous amount of money of course).

We work closely with cam sites to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of their customers. Things like safety, support, a healthy community, fun cam features, high-quality girls etc.

Think of us as the silent “behind the scenes” cam experts.

How it all started

Many years ago, Dreams Of Booty was created to admire one thing… booty.

Over the years, we’ve listened to our followers and slowly morphed from regular old porn chasers into camming specialists, which to be honest was a great move.

The porn industry is an interesting place, but the cam business is NEVER boring. That’s why we decided to stick to the exciting stuff.

What we do

Our daily goal is to find, review and rate the most popular sex cams on the market.

Our process is simple:

  • Sign up for a REAL account
  • Spend our own money or accrued tokens in group and private shows
  • Review 5+ models in each category to gauge the platform
  • Rate each cam site using our 7 point system (below)

Why trust us?

There are several things that we deem important and expect others in the business to live by also:

  • Value for money – Noone likes getting ripped off. Just know that each of our reviews and recommendations come backed with our “Booty for Buck” stamp of approval. Each dollar or token you spend on a cam girl should be well spent and leave you feeling as though you got your money’s worth.
  • Privacy – These days more than ever, privacy is essential. Each cam site we review is vetted for the highest levels of security to ensure that your personal details and payment info are safe.
  • Community – Without the ongoing support of our followers, we wouldn’t last. The feedback, rcommendations, banter… everything in this community is why we love what we do. We’re transaparant with our community which helps us build a better business.

Our super-duper rating system

Over the years, we’ve created a refined rating system that helps us determine which cam sites rise to the top as the best:

  • Booty for Buck – Our own spin on bang for buck. In other words, are you getting what you paid for.
  • UI/Design – Design is important, does the site feel old or modern? Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • Streaming – There’s nothing worse than a cam show that lags or looks like a video from the dial up days.
  • Quality of girls – An obvious one, but are the girls attractive?
  • Number of girls – Are there more than a handful of attractive girls to choose from?
  • Features – Do they support Teledonics, Cam to Cam shows or have anything unique that other cam site don’t offer?
  • Support – Is there support team and or community any good?

Our team

You’re probably wondering what kind of perverts run a site like this? Well, here they are…

Sarah Flores


You see those nicely edited in-depth reviews and roundup posts that help you decide on the best sex cams? Yep, Sarah did those. She’s awesome.

Michael Cobbs

Researcher and Reviewer

If there’s a man out there that has spent more time on cam sessions than Michael, we’d like to meet him. He’s a savage when it comes to stats.

Vicky Daniels

Researcher and Reviewer

A superstar researcher who manages to find information on cam sites even the guys couldn’t! Vicky has an eye for detail and a keen interest in naughtiness.

David Dancy

Senior Editor

Known as the “perv wrangler” David has been in the adult trenches since the dot com bubble. Without his knowledge of the cam business, DOB wouldn’t exist.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss cam reviews, business-related things, or just want to say hey. You can contact us here. We usually have a 24-hour turnaround when replying to emails, so don’t get frustrated if we don’t respond quickly.

Legal stuff

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