Best Lesbian OnlyFans

Best Lesbian OnlyFans

Since its inception less than a decade ago, OnlyFans has become the world’s most popular sexy social media site, feeding the wildest fantasies of many men and women.

Lesbian content is one of the most popular categories on the platform, with lesbian accounts being viewed and subscribed to by hetero men, gay women, and straight cis women.  

There are so many subcategories within the lesbian sector of OnlyFans, from solo content to couples, to toy play, and even fetishes, it is easy to see why these accounts are so popular on the site.

So with so much great content, which are the best accounts to subscribe to?  We’ve curated a list of some of the best lesbian OnlyFans accounts to suit any preference or kink.

What Makes A Good OnlyFans?

Before we look at the best lesbian accounts on OnlyFans, what actually makes a good OnlyFans account?

Subscription Fee

Subscription fees are important for OnlyFans content creators, they are the most reliable source of income on the site and provide a higher level of financial security than custom requests do.

Content creators on OnlyFans are able to set their own fees with OnlyFans taking 20% of their earnings.

This percentage can drive subscription fees slightly higher so that creators can make enough money from the site.

However, the overall price of monthly subscriptions is very reasonable for the amount of content that you get from creators. 

Subscription fees are often set based on the type of content that is being created.

The more explicit the general content, the higher the fee, but you really do get what you pay for.

On some OnlyFans accounts, the most explicit or hardcore content may be by request only at a higher fee. 


The best OnlyFans accounts have a high level of engagement with followers.

When people subscribe to accounts, they want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth, so regular posts are important. 

The more regularly a creator posts, the more engagement they can have with their followers via comments and private messages.

Posts do not have to be explicit or NSFW all the time, simple updates that you would find on other social media sites can be just as popular and often help followers feel like they know the creator on a more personal level.

This is one of the biggest selling points of OnlyFans as a site for porn consumption.

People like being able to communicate with the creators on the site to add an extra level of excitement to the content they consume.

Free Content

Another indicator of a great OnlyFans account is the amount of free content that is available.

This doesn’t mean that the account is entirely free, just that there is some content that can be accessed without a subscription.  

Free content can be a great way to attract new subscribers who want to see more than just the teaser that is given for free.

It is worth remembering that whatever you can see for free on an OnlyFans account is a tiny fraction of the type of content available to subscribers.

If the free content gets your heart rate up it is definitely worth subscribing. 


The types of requests that a creator will complete are important for a good OnlyFans account.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that an account will do lots of different requests, it can be quality over quantity.

If a creator can do highly specific requests, they can attract more loyal subscribers.  Having a niche is always a great indicator of a quality OnlyFans account.

Now that we know the basics of what makes a good OnlyFans account, let’s take a look at the best lesbian accounts available on OnlyFans.

Kat Aphrodisiac

Kat Aphrodisiac really lives up to her name for her fans.

A young woman who prides herself on being a personal aphrodisiac for her legions of followers, there is almost nothing she won’t do to satisfy your deepest desires.

Kat is an OnlyFans star that is great at cultivating close relationships with her subscribers.

While she doesn’t offer many general updates on her account, she is great at personally replying to her DMs and comments.  

Kat’s custom requests have almost no limits, meaning anything is fair game and if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Whether a solo orgasm video is your thing, BDSM movies, or multilingual cunnilingus, Kat is the girl that can satisfy your needs.

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Victoria is the ultimate girl next door.  With her doe eyes, all-natural body, and sweet, innocent look, she is hard to resist for many people.  Remember though, looks can be deceiving.  

Once you subscribe to Victoria’s account, you have access to her lesbian porn treasury containing over 4,000 videos and images of sexy, exciting content.

Victoria’s general subscription is a reasonable price, however, once you get a taste of her naughty but nice content, you’ll be aching to reach out and enquire about her exclusive content. 

Victoria’s OnlyFans account is a great investment, with guaranteed daily updates, you’ll never be short of innocent-turned-naughty lesbian content.

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Best Lesbian OnlyFans

Jess & Lucy

The first lesbian duo OnlyFans account to feature in our list is Jess & Lucy.  The genuine relationship behind this OnlyFans account makes for extra enticing content.

Whether you are a lesbian who wants to watch a pairing with a genuine connection or you’re straight and are intrigued by what sex is like for an authentic lesbian couple, this is the account for you. 

Jess & Lucy’s videos are perfect for those of you who enjoy a little more love behind your porn.

The girls’ behind-the-scenes content reinforces the loving relationship that forms the foundation of their steamy videos and live streams.

If you’re looking for the hottest, deepest lesbian love affair, Jess & Lucy are your girls.

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Lola is an OnlyFans newbie but is already one of the most popular lesbian accounts on the site.

Posting a combination of solo videos and group lesbian content, Lola has also ventured into threesome content so there really is something for everyone on her page.

The antidote to solo-play heavy accounts, Lola offers her subscribers fun group videos featuring a mix of guys and girls.

As far as Lola is concerned the more the merrier!  If you are someone who loves group lesbian and bisexual content, you shouldn’t skip subscribing to Lola’s account. 

With over 1,900 images and videos available on her account, there is no shortage of exciting content to keep you coming back.

In addition to her hot, varied content, Lola generously sends out free gifts to people who renew their subscriptions.

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Rosalia is the ultimate OnlyFans lesbian all-rounder.  Boasting a collection of over 2,000 XXX videos and images, it won’t be hard to find something that gets your motor going on Rosalia’s page.

Providing daily uploads of sexy solo play as well as lesbian couple sex tapes, there is always something new to explore.  

Rosalia also provides general access content aimed at fulfilling the kinkiest, specific fantasies.

If you want to see Rosalia carrying out your wildest fantasies or kinkiest desires, just reach out via her DMs and she will be happy to oblige with custom videos and photo sets.  

Despite her extensive, kinky lesbian content, Rosalia’s subscription is surprisingly reasonable, making her one of the most accessible, most promiscuous lesbian OnlyFans accounts out there.

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The other lesbian duo OnlyFans on our list is SexySisterWives.  If you are a connoisseur of the hot wife fantasy content, this is the OnlyFans account for you.

This account is very boob-focused, great for those of you who enjoy flashes and nipple play in your lesbian porn.  

These self-proclaimed sister wives add content on a regular basis, providing twice the amount of sexual energy and excitement in one place.

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Samantha Ava

Samantha Ava provides a unique OnlyFans experience from her account.

Focusing on providing her fans with a hot virtual lesbian girlfriend experience, Samantha’s fan engagement is second to none. 

While her general content posts may seem a little scarce, don’t be fooled.  Samantha’s exclusive content is extensive and extremely personal.

Building up a relationship with Samantha provides you with the hottest virtual girlfriend experience you can imagine through exclusive custom content for your eyes only, solo play videos and pictures, and sensual lesbian sex videos.  

If you are looking for a more personal, intimate lesbian OnlyFans experience, Samantha Ava is the girl for you.

Simply slide into her DMs to start building a beautiful, sexy, virtual relationship.

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Final Thoughts

There is an abundance of lesbian content accounts on OnlyFans, but only a handful are the best at what they do.

The accounts featured in this article are stand-out creators in their niches and will keep you occupied and satisfied whenever you need them with their extensive general content and kinky custom videos.