Best Trans OnlyFans

Best Trans OnlyFans

OnlyFans has only grown in popularity since it was first introduced less than a decade ago.

The newfound sexy social media phenomenon, mixed with a society that is open to a broader discourse around the concepts of gender and sexuality, has paved the way for hot trans men and women to celebrate themselves with the world in all their sexual glory.

Gone are the days of overwhelmingly white, cis, heteronormative porn.

All body types, genders, identities, kinks, and abilities are increasingly visible thanks to OnlyFans, and that means there is something in it for the viewers as well as the creators, and that certain something is lots of hot, sultry trans-inspired porn.

We’ve curated a list of some of the best trans OnlyFans accounts to suit any preference or kink.

What Makes A Good OnlyFans?

Before we look at the best trans accounts on OnlyFans, we need to look at what actually makes a good OnlyFans account.


The best OnlyFans accounts have a high level of engagement with followers.

When you subscribe to accounts, you want to feel like you are getting their money’s worth, so regular posts are something you will want to look out for.

The more regularly a creator posts, the more engagement they can have with their followers via comments and private messages.

Posts do not have to be explicit or NSFW all the time, simple updates that you would find on other social media sites can be just as popular and often help followers feel like they have a more intimate relationship with their favorite creators.

This is one of the biggest selling points of OnlyFans as a site for porn consumption. People enjoy being able to communicate with the creators to add an extra level of excitement to the content they consume.

Free Content

Another indicator of a great OnlyFans account is the amount of free content that is available.

This doesn’t mean that all content is free, just that there is some content available without a subscription.

Free content can be great for attracting new subscribers who want to see more than just the sexy teaser.

It is worth remembering that whatever you see for free on an OnlyFans account is a fraction of the type of content available when you subscribe.

If the free content gets your heart pumping it is definitely worth subscribing.

Subscription Fee

Subscription fees are one of the most important aspects of the site for content creators, they are the most reliable source of income on the site and provide a higher level of financial security than custom requests or private shows do.

Content creators on OnlyFans have the ability to set their own fees. OnlyFans then takes 20% of their total earnings for providing the platform.

This percentage can drive subscription fees slightly higher so that creators can make enough money.

However, the overall price of monthly subscriptions is very reasonable for the amount of content that you get from most creators.

The more explicit the general content, the higher the subscription fee is likely to be, but you get what you pay for.

On some OnlyFans accounts, the most explicit or hardcore content may be purchased by request only at a higher fee.


The types of requests that a creator will complete are important for a good OnlyFans account.

An account may not do lots of different requests, it can be a case of quality over quantity.

If a creator can do highly specific requests, they can attract more loyal subscribers. Having a niche is always a great indicator of a quality OnlyFans account.

Now that we know the basics of what makes a good OnlyFans account, let’s take a look at the best trans accounts available on OnlyFans.

Dani Dolphin

Kicking off our list of lust is Dani Dolphin, a trans-girl who has successfully cornered the geek market.

A sexy gamer girl, this Canadian will get temperatures soaring even in the depths of a north-of-the-border winter.

With an innocent smile and girl next door charm, her hot and steamy videos and pictures will make you wish you lived in the land of maple.

If you only subscribe to one trans OnlyFans from this list, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Dani.

Trip Richards

Trip Richards is a transgender man who is incredibly proud to be a sex worker.

Sites such as OnlyFans have allowed him to fully embrace his authentic self and it shows in his sexy content.

If a ripped, hairy trans-man is what gets your motor running, you won’t find better content than on Trip’s account.

If personality is important to your enjoyment of porn, Trip is a proud advocate for both the LGBTQ+ community and the sex workers community.

Dedicating his social media accounts to reducing the stigma members of these communities face, and furthering the conversations around the subjects.

Activism and porn, what could be better?

Pink Ivy

Pink Ivy is a hot Latina, trans-woman.

As a niche, the trans-Latina community is well represented on OnlyFans, but none do it quite like Pink Ivy.

Possibly one of the best trans OnlyFans out there, this sexy Latina is bound to get your heart rate pumping.

As a resident of Pennsylvania, Pink Ivy is just as dedicated to her work as an LGBTQ+ activist and fighting against the conservatism in her area as she is to her steamy OnlyFans content.

You can support her activism and gain access to her NSFW content in one easy subscription.

Beautiful Latina trans porn and supporting an important cause, why wouldn’t you want to subscribe?

Luke Hudson

Luke Hudson is an award-winning transmale adult performer.

Not only is he a creator of incredibly sexy trans porn on OnlyFans, but he is also the first FTM adult performer to feature on the ultra-popular gay porn sites, Nextdoor Studios, and more.

A self-proclaimed invader of cis porn sites, this trans man is well and truly content in his body and sexuality.

Through his OnlyFans site, Luke will give you an obstructed view into his sexual escapades that are well worth the subscription fee.

Remy Richards

Remy Richards is the first Brit to feature on this list and her London accent only adds to her charm.

This 22-year-old adult performer is young but definitely not innocent, and her steamy videos will have you wishing that the pond wasn’t so wide.

If you want someone who is dominant, Remy is your girl! With a subscription and some sweet-talking in her DMs, this London girl can help you live out your wettest, wildest fantasies.

If you ask nicely, perhaps she’ll even show you what a strict English headmistress is like.


The second Brit on our list is Eddy, a trans man from Manchester.

If trans porn with a solid, transpositive mission behind it is what gets you going, Eddy is the man for you.

His goal of showing the world that trans people can be sexually autonomous drives his steamy OnlyFans content.

Eddy thrives on the platform that allows him complete control over the content that he creates and shares.

Striving to fight against an industry that often leads to trans people being marginalized or fetishized, Eddy takes full enjoyment from creating sexy videos for his subscribers.

If you want to see a trans man not only comfortable in his body but enjoying his sexuality, there is no other OnlyFans account that you’ll need to subscribe to.

Mia Isabella

Mis Isabella is a trans adult performer with a difference, she has won not one, not two, but three of the coveted XBiz awards.

Anyone familiar with the adult performer industry will know how difficult those awards are to win, so Mia is definitely worth her subscription fee.

However, it is not just Mia’s long hair and a tiny waist that will grab your attention, what’s between her legs is pretty special too.

You see, Mia Isabella is the only shemale on this list and she is something to behold.

Her beauty really does have to be seen to be believed so go ahead and click that subscribe button.

Final Thoughts

The platform that OnlyFans offers to trans men and women has allowed anyone with a phone to access the wonderful, sexy world of trans porn.

We no longer live in a world where those who enjoy trans porn are condemned to search for exploitative, marginalized porn sites to find content that contains people they relate to.

We no longer live in a world where the only scenario in which we find trans people in porn is on fetish sites or used in a performative manner.

The world of trans porn is exploding on OnlyFans and they are just waiting for you to join them, so go ahead and dive right in.