Camonster Reviews – Is It Worth The Hype?

Camonster Reviews

If you are looking for a live camera sex website then there are lots of different options available to you.

They vary in terms of how trustworthy they are and the quality of the content that they provide to their customers.

Camonster is one of the lesser known sites, but it is growing in popularity. But what is Camonster? Is it a safe site to use?

Does it provide customers with a positive experience?

We have put together this useful review to help you decide whether you want to use Camonster.

Keep reading if you want to find out more.

What Is Camonster?

Camonster is a live camera sex website that has been in operaton for around a decade.

It is quite a basic cam site compared to some of the newer options like Jerkmate, and it has recognisable similarities with other sites such as Streamate.

Some people have suggested that it is a direct clone of Streamate with all of the same content, but this has not been confirmed by Streamate or Camonster.

Features Of Camonster

Here are some of the features of Camonster that draw the customers in:

  • Homepage – The homepage is really easy to use and it features models that are currently performing so you can find a chat room quickly
  • Filter – If you want to look for something more specific, you can use the filters down the side of the screen to narrow down your search
  • Profiles – Each model has a profile which you can look at and some of them have snippets of their shows to help you choose which one you want. This also makes it clear what the model is willing to do and what they will not do.
  • Private Shows – You can request a private show with a model either during a live chat or before it starts.
  • Gold Shows – You can also pay to join a gold show which has a limited number of viewers, giving you more opportunity to interact with the model.
  • Tips – You can tip the model if you are enjoying their show

Pros And Cons Of Camonster

There are lots of things that make Camonster appealing to customers, but also some features that will put people off using the site.

Here are the pros and cons of using Camonster.


  • Simple – The website is designed in a simple way that is easy to navigate and use.
  • Privacy – You can message the models privately which means that the other people in the chat room cannot see what you are saying.
  • Browsing – You can browse the website without needing to sign up. This means that you can make sure that you are happy with the selection of models available before you go through the registration process or spend any money.
  • Filters – You can use the filters to narrow down your search and find a model that suits your specific sexual interests.
  • Direct Payments – a lot of sites ask you to buy tokens which you can then spend in the chat rooms. Camonster charges in US dollars, which makes it much easier to track your spending
  • Customer Support – Camonster provides good customer support with quick responses
  • Email Receipt – When you spend money on Camonster, you will receive an email receipt to confirm how much you have been charged. This allows you to double check that you have been charged correctly, and to keep track of how much you are spending to ensure that you don’t go over your personal budget.


  • Clone – Some people have said that Camonster is a clone of Streamate. If this is the case, then you might as well go straight to streamate for the content. Even if this is not true, there isn’t much about Camonster that sets is apart from other live camera sex websites.
  • Mobile – There is no mobile/smartphone application available for Camonster. This means that the only option is to use it on a web browser, which isn’t always as convenient.
  • Price – Though there is a lot of free or cheap content available, if you want a private show then prepare to spend a lot of money. The private shows on Camonster are not as reasonably priced as some other live camera sex websites. The pricing is not clearly displayed throughout the website so it is difficult to figure out how much you want to spend.
  • Sign up – In order to complete the signup process you need to provide details of a payment method, even if you only intend on using the free content.
  • Variety – The choice of models on Camonster is quite limited. They have very few male models or transexual models, and the female models are not very diverse. There is a smaller selection of models available compared to some other sites.

Is Camonster Safe To Use?

Camonster is quite a small, basic site compared to some other live camera sex websites.

This has led to some customers having safety concerns, and a lot of people are dubious about providing a payment method during the signup process.

Camonster is a safe and legitimate website.

The payments are secure, and it is not unusual for a live camera site to request a payment method during the sign up process.

It is not a scam website.

However, the content provided by Camonster is not original and is dragged from other websites.

This means that although you might be paying to be in a Gold show with only a few other Camonster members, you could be sharing the model with customers on other sites.

You will not be able to see their chat room, but the model will have less time to interact with you even though you have paid for a Gold show.

As comonster doesn’t provide original content, this means that the selection of models available is quite limited.

They don’t cater to niche tastes and you might not necessarily be able to find what you are looking for.

Whilst there is nothing unsafe about using Camonster, you might prefer to use a larger site which is the original creator of the content.

This will give you a better experience overall and a wider selection of models and content to choose from.

Why Choose Camonster

There are several reasons why you should consider using Camonster.


Camonster uses zoom to create the live chat rooms.

This gives you the option to change the dimensions of the video to best fit your screen and give you the best picture quality.

It is also really easy to connect the stream to your smart TV so you get an even better view.


There are different membership options available which gives you access to various levels of content.

If you decide to become a lifetime member then you can have two way interaction with all of the models available on Camonster.


Though few of the models on Camonster are from the United Kingdom or the United States, there is an option to translate the chat into different languages.

This means that the site is accessible to non-english speakers, and you can still chat to a model that doesn’t speak English.


Once you have found a model that you like, you can save them to your favorites.

This makes it easy to find them again and to check if they are online.

The models are not available all day every day, so it is best to build up a collection of favorites that you can browse through when you use the website.

Free Content

Even though you need to provide payment method details during the sign up process, there is a lot of free content available on Camonster.

You can move between chat rooms and send messages without spending any money.

You only need to spend money if you want to tip the model, join a gold show with fewer viewers, or pay for a private show.

Time Block Discount

On live camera sex websites, private shows are charged by the minute.

The website tracks how long you spend in the private show and then charges you accordingly, and it is usually accurate to within a couple of seconds.

A lot of customers tend to spend 5-10 minutes in a private show.

However, if you want a longer private show then you can buy a time block which will give you a discount.

For example, a 15 minute time block comes with a 5% discount.

This goes up incrementally until you reach 60 minutes with a 20% discount. This service is available at the model’s discretion.


Camonster is a safe and secure live camera sex website.

It has a good combination of free content and paid content and the sign up process is fairly simple.

You can also browse the content without signing up.

The website is easy to navigate and has useful search filters which make it easy for you to find a model that suits your personal tastes.

You can save models into your favorites section so you can find them again easily.

Comonster is not an original content creator.

They pull the content from other providers, which means you might be better off using a larger site that provides original content.