Chaturbate Review: The Best Amateur Cams Site?

Chaturbate review.

Looking for a reliable amateur sex cam site can be a hard task. 

Pun intended.

With so many different amateur sex cams out there vying for your attention via screaming pop-ups, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

But one just might be worth your while. 

You might have even seen it flash on your screen now and again: Chaturbate. 

With such a promising and tantalizing name, does it really deliver? 

Well, I went ahead and did all the dirty work (again, pun intended) for you so that you won’t have to. 

But at the end of this Chaturbate review, you just might feel compelled to check for yourself.

Is Chaturbute Worth It?

Let’s get to the heart of this review: is Chaturbate worth at least a peek? 

I would have to give that a resounding YES.

The most important question you might want answered in this Chaturbate review is whether this site has free cams. 

Again, the answer is YES. 

From the moment you log in to the site, you’ll be able to experience most of the features that make it one of the most popular places for private shows.

Choose a girl

The first thing you’ll be able to see is a grid that features a wide variety of beautiful models to satisfy any and all sexual preferences: men, women, and transgender (or shemale webcams). All of them are stunningly beautiful and posed provocatively. 

Of course, I was immediately interested in what I would experience once I entered the private chat rooms.  

Take note that the grid view refreshes every 30 seconds or so. While I found this to be a great way to scan the available models on the site, it was also a little frustrating if I wanted to take the time to check the profiles.

Let’s take a deep dive into the specifics of the things I like and don’t like:

The Good

Let’s first get into the good stuff.

Free sex cams

The best thing about the Chaturbate model is that it’s completely free to join the site and experience the basic features. I was able to enjoy the grid view of the available models, giving me an idea of what to expect on the site. 

Some of the models even allow “free cam” access without paying a single dime, and I was able to sit in on their rooms as a silent viewer. 

Since there were other viewers in the room, all I had to do was wait until the model was able to receive enough tips to perform for the camera. 

Of course, I wasn’t allowed to request anything until I coughed up some dough, but if you’re looking to get off on a budget, Chaturbate is a great option for that.

Wide Range of Available Models

If there’s one thing that I can’t find fault with Chaturbate, it’s the massive amount of available models on the site.

It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is — there is literally something for EVERYONE. 

The grid view on the home page is perfect for allowing you to see all the current live sex shows on offer and finding a performer that appeals to your specific taste and kinks. 

Personally, I’m a sucker for blondes with a perky ass, and I was spoiled for choice from the get-go. 

It didn’t take me long to find models that made me sit up and beg for more, and I imagine that you won’t have any trouble either.

Tagging System       

All of the Chaturbate cam site rooms follow a tagging system that allows you to filter them out according to your specific needs. There are dozens of tags available, making it easy to choose exactly which rooms you would be interested in. 

Trust me—whether your tastes run on the vanilla side of things or you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous and exotic, you’ll definitely find a room perfect for you. 

A bit of a disclaimer here: I found dozens of tags for “barely legal” live cams. Don’t worry about these since all the models are vetted and verified to ensure they are of legal age. 

There’s a reason why Chaturbate reviews speak highly of the site: they not only do live sex cam shows well, but they also do it RIGHT.

High-Quality Video and Audio

From my experience, all of the models had HD video and audio streaming. Not only was the resolution gorgeous, but the streaming speed was also FAST. No lagging, no hang-ups, and no disruptions to destroy the fantasy. 

I can almost pretend that they were right in front of me! 

With crystal-clear images and sound, you won’t have any trouble enjoying every second you spend on Chaturbate. 

I know I didn’t.

The Bad

Now let’s look at the bad stuff.

Pay to “Play”

While it was fun for a while to just sit back and watch, I eventually found myself wanting to join in the fun. 

Here’s where the Chaturbate earning model comes into the picture. 

Since I wanted to make my own requests for the live cam models, I had to purchase Chaturbate tokens to give tips and take a more active role. 

It wasn’t all bad, however. The models are surprisingly genuine and happy to perform requests without hesitation. Plus, they seemed to remember regulars and were significantly more friendly when interacting with faithful viewers. 

All in all, there was a real sense of connection (even through a screen) that made the experience much more enjoyable on my end.  

Unregulated Filter System

Here’s the thing: while the tagging system is great for filtering specific rooms, it comes with a caveat. 

It’s the models themselves that place their own tags, which means that the tags aren’t necessarily a good fit for the shows they offer. 

Some models might even include some inaccurate tags, all in the hopes of increasing their viewership. 

So there’s a chance that you would end up in a chat room that you won’t enjoy being in. 

Is it annoying? Yep, no doubt. I had to quit a few rooms when I realized that it wasn’t the kind of cam show I was looking for. 

Is it a deal-breaker? It could be, but honestly, I didn’t mind going back and searching for other rooms that were more up my alley. 

I didn’t want to ruin my Chaturbate cam fun, so I just chalked it up to inexperience and continued looking for more suitable live cam shows.

Poor Search System

Just like the unregulated tagging system, the Chaturbate search system leaves something to be desired. 

I wished that the algorithm was a bit more finetuned when it came to my particular search queries. As it was, it felt more like a wide net was cast and reeled in as many cam rooms as possible. 

While I didn’t mind as much, I could see how it could be frustrating for viewers who don’t have a lot of time or patience.


Ah, ads. The bane of every live cam site’s existence. A necessary evil, to be sure, but still, it does ruin the experience a little bit. 

Thankfully, the ads for the site were smaller and less intrusive than usual, and it was pretty easy to tune them out to focus on the models instead. 

By themselves, they won’t warrant a red flag…at least not for this particular Chaturbate review.

No Video Preview

Finally, you might notice that when you hover your mouse on the grid images, there aren’t any video previews available. You’re pretty much left to imagine what kind of cam show you’ll enjoy once you enter the room. 

Unless the thumbnail shows a particular webcam model you fancy, or you know exactly which room you want to enter, you’ll pretty much have to rely solely on the image stills to guess what show you’ll get. 

Again, it wasn’t a huge deal-breaker for me, but I would have preferred some movement from the cam model to get at least a hint or two.

The Models

As I’ve mentioned before in this Chaturbate review, the models on the site are not only lookers, but you’ll also get pretty much every type of body type, sexual orientation, and appearance under the sun.

What’s more, you won’t only get single people because there is even a couple’s option for those who want a bit more bang for their buck. 

Each model has a profile that contains a short description of their show and social media links. You can even find a personal “store” under each profile in case you want to purchase merch from a particular model. 

Since each model also has their pricing and bonuses included on their profile page, I highly recommend reading through them to find out exactly what they offer and what you get for your tips.


I found wall-to-wall cam girls on Chaturbate. If there’s one word I can think of for the sheer amount of nude female models, it would be mind-blowing. 

The female models are responsive and eager to perform, and I didn’t have any trouble with my various requests…once I tipped well enough, of course. 

I also found it remarkable that pretty much all of the girls that I watched on the site spoke English very well and communication was not a problem. If you’re like me and you want girls from a specific region, you can filter them out using the “Advanced Options” search.


Just like with the female models, the men on Chaturbate were just as responsive and sociable. There were both straight and gay models, with many of them having muscles for days. 

Although I am straight and prefer women, I’m not ashamed to admit that the gay models on Chaturbate had beautiful bodies. Hey, I don’t believe in yucking someone else’s yum! 

And yum they were, even for a straight dude like me. 

One thing I noticed, however, was that many of the male models on this live cam site weren’t as sexually aggressive as the female models. While some were more than happy to perform requests for viewers, others had a more “look but don’t touch” feel to them.


The transgender models on Chaturbate were fewer compared to the cisgender models, but they’ll make up for the smaller numbers with their looks and live show quality. Many of them still have feminine features, but there are some that are post-op. 

Admittedly, I did not spend much time looking through the transgender options, but if this is what rocks your boat, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be happy with the selection at Chaturbate.


The couples section was an amazing experience for me since I am more used to watching single cam girls perform. I found a wide selection of straight, lesbian, gay, and trans couples, all of them just as ready to perform as any other model on the site. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that the “couples” section didn’t limit itself strictly to two people. There were threesomes, foursomes, and even the occasional orgy.


Since Chaturbate is primarily a live cam site for sex shows, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the chat options. 

I was able to find two kinds of chat features: open video chat and private chat.

Open Video Chat

For the open video chat, I entered a virtual room with a few other viewers, and we all enjoyed a cam girl performing for us with her bright pink teledonics sex toy.

It was a pretty relaxed and fun environment, especially during the beginning when I didn’t want to spend tips just yet. 

There was quite a bit of open flirting going on and a few requests from other viewers, but it was up to the model to decide whether to perform any of them over the channel. 

I should also point out that some open video chat rooms won’t allow you to communicate with the model unless you have tokens in your account, so I suggest buying a few tokens even if you don’t wish to spend them just yet.

Private Chat

The private chat is where the REAL fun starts. Once I was in a private room with a live cam girl, I requested a cam2cam to take my experience up a notch.

The sound and image qualities were impressive, and I didn’t notice a single lag or stutter. The cam girl I was chatting with was funny, warm, and open to pretty much all my requests. 

Since I had already checked her profile beforehand, I was able to get my money’s worth for the time allotted with my tips. 

Aside from the chat and tip features, I also saw options for shows, namely group shows, spy shows, and exhibitionist shows. 

The group shows had a #crazyticket hashtag, and if you purchase one, you would be entitled to watch a couple or group performing their own sex act on cam. Group shows are controlled by the people on cam, and while they might take requests, there is no guarantee that they’ll perform it for you. 

Spy shows are pretty similar to group shows, with the difference being that they are usually for solo performers. If you want the action of a cam show without the need to communicate with the model, this is the show I would recommend. 

Exhibitionist shows are pretty rare since the model doesn’t do it for any monetary gain. As far as I understand, it is purely for the thrill of showing off.

I mostly found male models available for the available exhibitionist shows while researching for this Chaturbate review, so I didn’t really spend a lot of time perusing them.

Pricing and Payment Options

The currency for the site is called a Chaturbate token. Here is the latest pricing model: 

  • $10.99 – 100 tokens
  • $20.99 – 200 tokens
  • $44.99 – 500 tokens
  • $62.99 -750 tokens
  • $79.99 – 1000 tokens 

There is also an option called Chaturbate Pro, which is priced at $19.95 a month. If you opt for this, you’ll get: 

  • Ad-free surfing
  • Private messaging options for models
  • Anonymous tipping option
  • Customized chat color and font
  • 200 tokens

Pro tip: If you want the Chaturbate girls or any performer to give you a better show. Tip them well! Every live cam show relies on a flow of tokens to keep the models happy and the punters excited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Purchase Chaturbate Tokens?

Chaturbate offers a wide range of payment methods, including:

American Express
Wire transfer

Can I Use Chaturbate on a Mobile Device?

Yes, the website can be used on a mobile device. However, I found that the layout was not optimized for mobile use since I couldn’t switch to full-screen viewing during the cam sessions. What’s more, the mobile version of the site doesn’t allow cam2cam.

I would still recommend using a PC or laptop to get the best viewing experience.

Can I Record My Private Show Sessions?

Yes, some models do allow viewers to record their cam sessions at no extra cost. You’ll find the information on each model’s profile page.

Conclusion: Is Chaturbate the Best Amateur Adult Webcam Site?

So, you’ve reached the end of my Chaturbate review! 

Let’s go back to the original question: is Chaturbate the best amateur cam site?

After exhaustively researching the site’s available models and features, I would say, yes, it is the best adult cam site out there. 

The mind-boggling model selection coupled with the HD cam features makes for an unparalleled experience, even for free users.

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