Streamate Review – Access Webcam Shows Anytime, Anywhere

Streamate Review – Access Webcam Shows Anytime, Anywhere

Streamate is considered one of the originators of live amateur webcam sites.

It continues to hold up to its reputation as it continues to be one of the most visited and oldest live webcam sites there is.

We have spent plenty of time browsing this website and we’re going to look at it in more detail for this review.

Streamate has a fantastic gallery of over 40,000 hot and steamy models.

The beauty of having that many models is that you can find a live cam session to watch at any time of day.

Models will be online every single day and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you’ll find a session.

Since the website’s launch in 2003 the website layout and design has stayed roughly the same and it’s just as easy to navigate.

A lot of more recent live webcam sites seem to take inspiration from Streamate and their website layout.

Unfortunately, access to the site’s full potential isn’t free. However, unregistered users still have access to a wide range of content.

For those who do subscribe, it doesn’t put you too much out of pocket.

They tend to focus on using a “token” system which is heavily catered towards an American audience.

Let’s look into Streamate in more detail.


The majority of the models on Streamate are in fact amateurs.

They are usually seen filming from their own homes. However, you can find professional models too.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find some more influential pornstars on the site.

If we take a look at the website’s layout in general, it is easy to follow and cleanly organized.

Their color scheme is quite inviting as it isn’t too bright and overbearing. This means that you can stay nicely focused on the content at hand.

There are different categories to search for particular models and upon first glance these can seem to be pretty sparse.

However, if you make use of the advanced search function then you will be able to see the wide array of choices available to you.

In each of the categories you will see even more options to choose from.

If you wanted to you could specify features, body type, age range, orientation, and even fetishes.

In the fetishes category there are up to 19 boxes that you can check.

These categories are excellent for slimming down your results so you can find exactly what floats your boat.

The overall atmosphere on the site is fun and relaxing.

However, it’s important to note that this site isn’t like Chaturbate where you can find most of what you want for free.

The models on this site do make their money from being paid tips by their audience. However, there is more to this.

There are 2 various levels for paid chatting outside of the free rooms. These options are exclusive chat and private chat.

All hope is not lost, however, as there are many options for people who are looking to browse freely on Streamate.

There are options to choose from free webcam rooms, scheduled shows, free videos, and even free photo galleries.

Pros & Cons Of Streamate

It’s easier to quantify what’s great and what’s not so great about Streamate through a pros and cons list.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


  • There is a huge variety of models to choose from no matter the time of day
  • Unpaid webcam shows can be accessed without the need to register an account
  • Exclusive and private chats are available as well as Cam 2 Cam
  • The paid shows are generally quite affordable
  • Private chats and “gold show” sessions are available to any paying user
  • A daily spending cap can be applied to your account
  • You can use a prepaid credit card to register as long as the balance is at least $25.


  • The payment options are limited
  • You can only access one live cam at a time. This is so the website can save its bandwidth
  • There is no minimum camera quality for the models to stick to, so you may find some free shows with lower quality cameras. However, this tends to be rare.
  • Free cam shows can change over to private cam shows whenever the models choose to switch and usually without warning

About The Models

There is an extensive selection of models to choose from due to the fact the site has been running and building up since 2003.

In fact, you may find models that have been there for almost a decade!

This is a great sign as it means the models are particularly satisfied with their end of the bargain too.

You will most likely find that whatever it is you’re looking for will be readily available for you to access on Streamate.


Streamate is a great place to access content made by fetish models.

You will find everything from foot content to bondage on this site, so the selection isn’t thin!

You will find a lot of details about what the girls are willing to do and not do on their profiles in their about me sections.

Some of the models with a more vanilla fetish will even find themselves partaking in sessions that are a little spicier than others.

So, make sure to keep an eye out for what each girl is into.

You will easily find around 1200 girls live on the site at any time of day.

You can also use the free chat options to try to get to know them a little better if you wanted.


There’s something for everyone. Though there aren’t as many men as there are girls, you can still find a wide array of them.

Typically, you can find around 100 men that are broadcasting over the day.

Though gay men don’t tend to flock to Streamate for it’s content due to the fact that Streamen exists which a much larger male audience and participation.

You won’t find any women on Streamen. But, if you’re looking for male models then make sure to check out the site.


That’s right you can even find couples on Streamate. In fact, there’s an astounding number of profiles that feature couples.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find these profiles due to the fact that their display pictures may only have one model or the other.

However, once you look at their profile it usually tells you in more detail whether they do couples shows or not.

Make sure to make use of that advanced search feature so you can check the box that says “couples” to make your search easier.

Profile Setup

The profiles that have been setup by the models are usually very detailed so that you can find out everything you need to know about the types of shows they offer.

It’s up to the model themselves how much they share and don’t share. There are multiple sections for these profiles and they are as follows.


In this section you’ll find space for a brief introduction as well as some other information about the models such as age, sexual orientation, the actions they can perform as well as a short description.

There are other sections where models can outline their turn ons and other expertise as well as timestamps for their previous shows.

As well as this, you can access the search tags that people have used to find that particular profile in the past so that you can see what categories that model might fall into.

Some of these tags include phrases like “great fun”, “nice girl”, and “great personality” which are all great to see.


Other users that have taken part in a show that was paid for will be able to leave a rating on the model’s profile followed by a comment.

These comments and ratings show up in the comments tab of their profile.

These comments also feature a timestamp for the video should they want to include it so that other audience members can find out what the model is like before they commit to a paid show.


A great addition to this profile feature is the ability for the models to post a schedule.

It doesn’t mean that the performers have to keep to this schedule though.

You will find that each individual model will have their own set times for when they perform.

So, for people who have their favorite models they know when to tune in so that they aren’t missing any content.


Some of the profiles will include photos. This is optional for the performers to include so may not be found across every profile.

Those that do include pictures usually have a wide array of photos that they have posted so that they can show themselves off.

Some of these photos are insanely gorgeous and sexy.

The bonus is it is free to view.

There is a separate section for those who want to include more explicit photos where audience members can pay to access them.

They must purchase this access using their “Streamate Gold”.


There is also the option for performers to include a section of free videos for audiences to view.

These videos are often limited but there are times where profiles have included some steamy videos to try and get the audience to pay for one of their shows.

Another video section may also be included that feature the performer’s premium videos.

You can purchase these videos and keep them on your account to watch any time you like.

Options For Live Chat

There are several different chat options available on Streamate. Some of these are paid and some of them are free.

Video Chat

The free video chat system is the basic level chat function. It is free for everyone to use without the need to sign up.

This level of chat function shows models that are performing for tips.

A lot of these performers own the OhMiBod, Lovesense, and other Bluetooth activated sex toys so that each tip activates them.

You will often find that the models will state in their profiles whether they use these kinds of sex toys so you can be certain going in.

However, this doesn’t seem to be something that Streamate themselves encourage.

The free video chat function allows you to get to know the cam girls before committing to a paid show.

Private Chat

A private chat consists of all paying members in one place. They are placed in a chat alongside the performer themselves.

The models will often listen to the requests made in the private chat because of the fact they are paying viewers.

Those who are in the private chat are able to select whether they want their message to be seen by just the performer or the entire chat as well.

There is also the option of Cam 2 Cam during private and exclusive shows.

Gold Shows

This is another type of chat. You can buy Gold Shows using your Streamate Gold which is the currency that can be purchased on the Streamate website.

Models tend to start a countdown for collection Gold tips.

These Gold tips are a sign that the model is about to start a special show where the private audience can choose the content.

You must have a minimum level of 1 Gold in order to enter a Gold Show. This cost can vary, however, depending on the price the performer sets.

Exclusive Chat

These chats are arguably the most exciting.

Exclusive chats give you the opportunity to be part of a private session dedicated to you and with solely you in the audience.

These prices aren’t actually too hefty for what they are and we consider them worth it.

You tend to see an increase in the price per minute but often this is mere cents.

Quality Of Videos

Streamate doesn’t have a set minimum requirement for camera quality that their models have to adhere to.

Unfortunately, there is a 720p max quality limit set on videos and you’ll usually find that the models are at this level of quality.

Those models who do have a higher quality camera tend to get a larger audience and so will often be offering more paid sessions.

Mobile Format

For this review we checked out Streamate in mobile format to see what the quality was like.

On mobile the site still looks quite clean and polished, however, the speed seems to slow down compared to watching on a desktop.

The site is still fully functional, but audiences will need to be a little more patient when using mobile.

Another downside is that you can’t use the Cam 2 Cam function on mobile.

As well as this, you aren’t able to change and dictate the camera quality. Once it’s set, it’s done.

However, an upside to viewing webcam videos on mobile is that you can access the chat function a lot easier as it appears below the video.

Streamate Pricing

Where there are options for free chatting, there are also paid options.

On average a private show can cost around $2.99 per minute. Some professional performers have charged around $12 per minute.

For exclusive shows these prices are usually doubled. If you’re looking to purchase Streamate Gold then you will pay $1 per Gold currency.

These prices aren’t unreasonable for what you get and we think it’s definitely worth looking into a paid show for the experience.


Overall, Streamate is a great option for both free and paid live cam shows and the experience is positive on the whole!